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“The Bard on Campus” A new display highlighting Othello folios loaned to the library from Professor Tom Bradac

February 2, 2018 by | Exhibits and Displays

The Bard on Campus is a new display in the Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections and Archives that commemorates the long history of Shakespeare on the Chapman University campus. On display are photographs and programs highlighting the work of Henry Kemp-Blair, who started the Henry Kemp-Blair Shakespeare Festival in the 1960s and Tom

Display Honoring Shakespeare’s 400th Anniversary

April 23, 2016 by | Exhibits and Displays

Today marks the 400th year since the death of English playwright William Shakespeare. In honor of this anniversary, the Leatherby Libraries presents two new display cases in the first floor lobby highlighting his historic career as well as some fun novelties, curated by our Performing Arts Librarian, Taylor Greene. All of these books were found in the

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