On the CUSP: May 2024

June 5, 2024 by | Research

Grants Dr. Cintia Citterio was awarded a new investigator grant of $11,000.00 by the AACP for the study of “Molecular Pathogenesis of Thyroid Cystinosis and New Therapeutic Approaches”. Dr. Gary Fong received one of Chapman University’s Faculty Grant for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity awards with an amount of $14,960 for his project titled: “Identifying


Dr. Amy Kang Receives Patient Safety Award

June 5, 2024 by | Research

Dr. Amy Kang has been awarded the inaugural CUSP Patient Safety Award for her proposal “Addressing the Silent Threat: Inappropriate Diagnosis and Management of Urinary Tract Infection in Outpatient Settings.” Following reviews of CUSP’s Science and Patient Safety Committees, award recognizes a faculty member’s innovative research proposals that show potential to significantly improve patient care.


Alumna Dr. Calhoun Receives Innovator Award

June 3, 2024 by | Research

Dr. Caitlin Calhoun, Doctor of Pharmacy ’21, was recognized as a recipient of the 2024 Miltenyi Biotec Immunology Innovator Award for her work in improving pediatric patient outcomes of high risk leukemias through biomarker discoveries. Currently serving as a Staff Scientist at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Dr. Calhoun is passionate about improving children’s health


AACP Awards Dr. Cintia Citterio the New Investigator Award

May 28, 2024 by | Pharmacy

Dr. Cintia Citterio has been honored as a recipient of the 2024 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) New Investigator Award (NIA) for her proposal “Molecular Pathogenesis of Thyroid Cystinosis and New Therapeutic Approaches.” The AACP NIA is a highly competitive achievement that offers $11,000 to exceptional early-career pharmacy faculty members, placing Dr. Citterio


Influence of Brotherhood: Dr. Inna Tagarino on Connection

May 16, 2024 by | CUSP Alumni

“Being part of a professional fraternity allowed me to come out of my shell and be the best version of myself, both personally and professionally during pharmacy school.” Drawn to a career in healthcare and seeking an accelerated program, Dr. Inna Tagarino joined APEx with the intent to bridge into the PharmD program. APEx, Chapman University’s


Faith to Practice: Dr. Jack Menzagopian, the Panther Award Winner

May 15, 2024 by | Awards

“I’ve seen the impact we can have in clinical settings either through my preceptors, colleagues, or myself during my APPEs, and I think applying our drug knowledge beyond medication counseling is where we shine. It’s great to see roles being expanded through legislation or organizational changes.” Set to graduate on May 17, 2024, Dr. Jack


Power of 2: Dr. Judy Weng's PharmD and PhD Journey

May 14, 2024 by | Research

Not even 30 years old, Dr. Judy Weng has accomplished what only few could dream of- two doctorate degrees, an incredible CV of research and teaching, and a career lined up that balances her passions and her childhood dream. “If I were to do it all over again, I would choose Chapman,” she says. “Being


How Mentorships Become Lifelong Friendships

May 13, 2024 by | Pharmacy Industry

If you work in pharmacy, you know it’s a “small world”. Mentoring opportunities- both formal and informal- become common in the industry between licensed pharmacists and students. Dr. Jenna Stewart, a 2022 Doctor of Pharmacy alumna, has been actively involved in nurturing current PharmD candidates at Chapman University, one of the many ways she gives


On the CUSP: April 2024

May 6, 2024 by | Pharmacy

Publications Dr. Keykavous Parang collaborated to produce “Harnessing exosomes as a platform for drug delivery in breast cancer: A Systematic review for in vivo and in vitro studies” in Molecular Therapy Oncology. Dr. Jelena Lewis and PharmD candidate Brenda Kilzi authored “Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)—Who is at risk, and who can be vaccinated?” in Topics


CPhA Honors Dr. Bethishou with New Practitioner Award

May 6, 2024 by | Pharmacy

Dr. Laressa Bethishou was honored the 2024 New Practitioner Award by the California Pharmacists Association. The award recognizes an “outstanding new practitioner who has demonstrated leadership at multiple levels of pharmacy” who also participates in the profession, advocacy, and community affairs related to the pharmacy practice. Eligible candidates will have obtained  who graduated with their

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