At Chapman University we really like being at the top of the pack.

We love that our school is recognized for its top notch film school and our commitment to academics. We are honored to host Nobel Laureates and Peace Prize recipients, TedX speakers, and distinguished diplomats. We take great pride in our student-athletes and can’t wait to cheer on the Panther sports teams to victory (especially over USC– can we help it if they just can’t seem to win a lacrosse game against us?)



Another thing we are really excited about is expanding our commitment to sustainability, and one piece of this plan is playing an active role in increasing the electric vehicle infrastructure of Southern California. With plug-in vehicles on track to create a revolution in the auto industry, the race is on to build a smart-charging network that can support the millions of cars that will one day be plugged in. Chapman University is thrilled to be part of this exciting new movement and to help to increase the accessibility of electric charging stations.

This year we are pleased to be launching our very first electric vehicle charging stations. The GE Wattstation charging units found in Lastinger, Barrera and Miller Parking Structures and the Knott Studios Parking Lot are the
very first
stations of their kind to be installed on a college campus in America!

street map with arrows pointing


Combining functionality with inspired design, the WattStation decreases the time needed to charge a vehicle, and using smart grid technology, allows the University’s Sustainability Office to manage and track the impact of EVs on its electricity consumption.

The Wattstation, which is a level 2 charger, makes charging a flash for the user. Using the
Wattstation Connect Website
 users can see which stations are available, make reservations online, receive alerts when their car has finished charging, and track their own consumption.  Better yet, they can do it all from their smart phone through the
Wattstation Connect App
 available in both iTunes and the Android Marketplace.


The news gets even better!

These stations are free for the campus community and public use!

Faculty member Walter Piper, a long time proponent of installing charging stations on campus, says he “is so excited to be able to charge his Nissan Leaf!” while he works. He no longer has to worry that his vehicle won’t have the necessary charge to get him from Chapman to his daughter’s basketball games after work.

So hop in your Leaf, Tesla, Volt, or Prius Plug-In and come down and check out the new charging stations, and “fill up” on Chapman!