Most of the time we think of working out as something we do that’s good for our health, whether it be our waist line, to reduce stress, blow off steam, or just generally keep ourselves in balance.

We don’t necessarily think of it as something that has a direct positive, impact on the  planet. Or at least I didn’t.

Until recently.

exercise machines in a gym room

The once standard issue gym equipment that graced the Henley Fitness Center has been replaced with state of the art equipment from SportsArt. The SportsArt equipment allows the exerciser to not only work up a sweat, but produce electricity that is fed back into the electric grid of the building.

man on an exercise bike

How awesome is that?

While you’re busting out a workout on the elliptical machine  you’re generating energy that can be converted to charge your smart phone and laptop, or run your hairdryer and power your dorm lights?

Through the innovative technology of EcoFit users can track their workouts and see how much power they have generated for the building, how many miles they have run, and calories they have burned over the course of their workouts. The watts generate by the users translate directly into points that can be redeemed on our partner websites. All the companies participating are eco-friendly retailers and offer  everything from nutritional supplements to clothing to gift cards.

stack of mortarboards decorated with glitter

In addition to selecting equipment that has a positive impact on the carbon footprint of the building, the flooring is made from recycled rubber stripped from old tennis shoes.  A new daylight harvesting and occupancy sensor system will be also be installed to help keep the space as energy efficient as possible.

No lie. I couldn’t be more excited about this if I were twins!

If anyone needs me I’ll be in the gym generating some power and catching up on old episodes of the New Girl!