Chapman University’s custodial services are provided by ARAMARK. Read on to learn about the innovative cleaning products they have brought to campus that not only keep Chapman looking sharp and students, faculty and staff healthy, but also protect the environment.

water with text that says blue cleaning

At ARAMARK Higher Education, we continually reach beyond today’s advances to uncover those innovations that show the most promise. One exciting example takes cleaning so far beyond “green” that we have named it the “Blue Cleaning” program. Instead of chemical-based cleaning agents, Blue Cleaning uses ordinary tap water to clean and kill more than 99.9% of harmful germs, including H1N1 (swine flu) viruses!

Electrically Activated Water (EAW), or ionized water, works on a very simple physics principle: Opposites attract, likes repel.

By adding a mild electrical charge to ordinary tap water, positive and negative ions are created. These ionized particles attach to dirt and germs with the opposite polarity. The ions build up, repelling dirt particles and rupturing the cells of bacteria and viruses. The surface can be wiped clean within seconds, without the wait time required by many chemical-based agents.

We understand that EAW represents a new way of looking at the cleaning process, especially for those used to more traditional methods. In addition to training staff members on EAW technology, we help them to embrace the Blue Cleaning program by proving its convenience and effectiveness.

Our Blue Cleaning program truly takes sustainability and eco-friend­liness to the next level. By utilizing ordinary tap water, minimizing the need for chemical-based cleaners and reducing the environmental footprint, our Blue Cleaning process is one of the most exciting technologies to come along in years. And it signifi­cantly enhances our ability to deliver outstanding service to our clients

Here at Chapman, we have been using this innovative technology on campus since ARAMARK came in 2011. Our custodial team uses Electrically Activated Water to clean restrooms, public areas, carpet, and many other surfaces. It removes germs from door handles, counter tops, tables, and it has proven to be very effective.  Not only does this contribute to Chapman’s sustainability, but it also is much safer than the use of harsh chemicals for all staff and students on campus.