road sign that says sustainability next exit

The department of Sustainability is pleased to present the reintroduction of sustainability circles to Chapman, inviting innovative thinking, brain storming, connecting concepts, and overall, creating a space for the discussion of topics related to sustainability. First things first. What is a sustainability circle? It is generally a comprehensive learning program that empowers those to improve the way they interact with the world around them in their daily lives, and how to incorporate sustainable practices into their routine. It is only an hour once every 4-6 weeks, touching on concepts centered on sustainable practices, and each one is individual of the others, so you can attend as few or as many of them as you’d like.

The first one will be on Thursday, March 3rd, at noon, in Argyros Form, room 201.Faculty, staff, students, are all welcome to attend. Bring your ears and your minds, and get ready to discuss how to improve the future of our world.