• Give an Experience! – Tickets to a movie, a play, or a museum are great ways cut down on waste and spend time with someone you love.
  • Donate! – Donating money or resources to a charity not only serves your community but also spreads the holiday spirit.
  • Make Something! – Homemade gifts are a great way to give something from the heart and show someone how much you care.
  • Volunteer! – Spend time with family and friends while helping those in your community. Visit a homeless shelter or other organizations to learn how to get involved.
  • Think Local! – Instead of looking online for presents that may need to shipped from overseas, check out local small businesses for gifts this year.
  • Be Kind! – The most important thing to remember this season is to be joyful and spread love. Best of all, being nice to others is 100% environmentally friendly and free.