Welcome Back Panthers!

We hope you all enjoyed your break or Interterm and are now ready to take on the Spring semester! There’s no better time to commit to a more sustainable and waste-free lifestyle than at the beginning of a fresh new year. Consider implementing these 5 simple and sustainable goals in your daily life as you enter this new year and semester!

  1. Keep your phone for longer. Producing a single smartphone releases the equivalent of 178 pounds of CO2, this is as much as running a modern refrigerator for a year. Resist the urge to always buy the latest iPhone!
  2. Buy less clothing or thrift instead. In 2015, 10.5 million tons of textiles went to landfills. Additionally, producing fabrics has a huge environmental impact. You can save money and prevent clothes from entering the landfills by thrift shopping instead.
  3. Commit to a sustainable mode of transportation. Chapman offers a variety of incentives and discounts for sustainable transportation. View them all by visiting our Transportation page.
  4. Use less plastic. There are so many ways to move away from using plastics: reusable bags, metal razors, bamboo utensils, bamboo toothbrushes, reusable water bottles… the list goes on. Help protect our oceans and marine life from being littered with plastic!
  5. Join a club or volunteer. Get involved with an environmental club on campus or volunteer at organizations like Roots and the Orange Home Grown Farm. To learn more about these opportunities, visit our Student Organizations and Volunteer Opportunities pages.

Sustainability Month at a Glance

In the Fall of 2018, the Sustainability Department hosted its first Campus Sustainability Month. Take a look at all we did throughout that month!

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