On Thursday, October 10th, the Office of Sustainability joined Civic Engagement and Second Harvest Food Bank for Chapman’s annual Hunger Banquet in the Fish Interfaith Center. Students participated in an interactive meal simulation wherein they randomly chose a card designating their social class for the night, which determined where they would sit and what meal they would receive. Participants were encouraged to bring their own utensils in order to be entered in a raffle to win sustainable prizes, and those who did not bring them received a set of reusable bamboo utensils to make this a low-waste event!


Students with the cards labeled Lower Class sat on the floor and only received a bag of chips, The Middle Class sat at a large table and ate rice and beans, while the select few of the Higher Class sat at a secluded table with a tablecloth, and received vegan chicken, bread rolls, and seasoned vegetables. After eating, the students read aloud their “character cards” to give a realistic idea of the kinds of people living in that class. In each group, a student facilitator then asked questions about personal perspectives on hunger, food insecurity, and the impacts of climate change on the issue. Some meaningful conversations and points were brought up as students shared personal anecdotes and constructive thoughts on how to make a positive impact on the community.

“If temperatures continue to rise, this could leave over 800 million people vulnerable to climate-related hunger,” said Sydney Cheung while presenting diagrams on the positive environmental impacts of a plant-based diet.

To learn more or get involved, visit Second Harvest Food Bank.


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