1. Bring your dorm/living area to actual life

From succulents to fresh flowers, plants are a great way to clear toxins from the air in your living space and add color to a corner. Studies have also shown that indoor plants can boost productivity, mood, and creativity – we could all use some of that in the midst of one Zoom meeting after another! Be sure to check out the plants at the local Orange Home Grown Farmers Market, the Potting Shed, or Dragon Fly!

2. Reduce plastic waste

While many of us are staying home as much as possible during the pandemic, it is important to support local businesses – sustainably! If you order take-out or use a food delivery app, be sure to specify no plastic utensils or limited packaging to reduce unnecessary waste.

3. Use a reusable face mask

Discarded single-use face masks and gloves are becoming a health hazard as people are dumping or dropping them on the streets. Like any other trash, these products can end up in the sewers and straight into the ocean or bodies of water, damaging ecosystems. In sum, dispose properly of your PPE or better yet, use reusable and washable fabric face coverings with at least two layers to stay safe.

4. Unplug appliances

Online Zoom classes and working from home this semester most likely means we’ll be using more electricity while charging laptops and appliances at home. Be sure to unplug appliances and switch off power strips when not actively using them.

5. Self-educate on environmental injustices

With the extra time maybe usually used for commuting to and from class, take a moment to seek out information and learn more about the climate crisis and especially how people of color are being negatively affected by the current circumstances. We recommend checking out numerous accounts such as:






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