As we observe the ever-changing political, social, environmental, and cultural climate throughout this fall in the United States, we also approach the election date in just less than 20 days. Due to many factors such as a pandemic and the demand for social and environmental justice, it is essential to exercise our rights to vote, especially as young adult students seeking change, as we recognize that environmental issues will soon become if not already are existential problems for many.

While the Carbon Majors Report states that just 100 companies are in fact responsible for 71% of emissions, this does not change the fact that our voices as consumers, residents, voters, and advocates matter. Statewide initiatives to counter federal environmental rollback policies will be on the ballot this year, giving the public a chance to protect what matters.

If you are an American citizen and are eligible to vote, we encourage you to exercise your right by registering to vote or double checking you are registered, and preparing for your local county, state, and presidential elections by visiting It is also important to ensure that you drop off your ballot early if possible at an official ballot box if you are voting by mail or at a registered polling place by checking here or here. If you are eligible to vote, we also encourage you to do your own research for your local elections, as the phrase think globally, act locally encourages us to take actions like voting to participate in the evolution of our country and the world.

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