We’ve crafted a list of sustainable practices and products by which to make informed decisions and set the standard for a sustainable summer season. 


  • Carbon Offset Travel
    • Carbon-offsetting transportation is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint this summer. Many airlines partner with carbon offset programs to minimize emissions themselves or give passengers the chance to offset flights by donating any amount, using an emissions calculator suggestion. Check out the UN’s Carbon Offset Platform or Business Traveller’s Guide highlighting carbon offset programs that some airlines offer. 
  • Eat Locally and Shop at Farmer’s Markets
    • Help rebuild local food economies by supporting your local community and eating fresh, healthy foods. 
  • Support Small Businesses
    • Your consumer voice matters, so actively choose to support meaningful, small companies and their local economies. 
  • Say No to Single-Use Plastics 
  • Wash Clothes in Cold Water and Air-Dry
    • These are two great ways to decrease energy consumption and take advantage of the warmer weather. Check out more energy-saving laundry tips here. 



  • Reef-Safe Sunscreen
    • Many sunscreens contain chemicals which are harmful to marine life like coral reefs, shellfish, algae, and fish. A 2015 study found that an estimated 14,000 tons of sunscreen ended up in coral reefs, causing irreparable damage to their ecosystem. To avoid this, check out this sunscreen guide and look for a mineral, reef-safe labeled sunscreen, or better yet, one without ingredients such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, and octocrylene. Try brands like Mama Kuleana, Think Sunscreen, or Kokua Sun Care. 
  • Reusable Water Bottle 
  • Bamboo Utensils and Plates 
  • Metal Straw
    • Refuse single-use plastics this summer! 
  • Fans
    • Fans use roughly 1% of the electricity needed to run air-conditioning. While AC is sometimes the only option to beat the heat, aim to use fans whenever possible this summer to conserve energy and save money. 
  • Plant-Based Foods
    • Eating a plant-based diet helps reduce your environmental footprint by conserving water, land, and greenhouse gas emissions. Check out our blog for cooking inspiration!

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We hope you’ll take inspiration from this checklist to act as a more sustainable individual this summer! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @sustainchapman and subscribe to our Green Panther Newsletter here!