In an effort to conserve energy at Chapman University, IS&T and the Office of Sustainability are implementing computer shutdown schedules in target areas across campus. The new schedule will go live Thursday, July 21st. During the summer session, computers in the Leatherby Libraries computer labs, Keck Center computer labs 153 and 156, Beckman 104, Hashinger 50, Roosevelt 222, and Entertainment Technology Center 112 will be powered off. If you need to use these computers for a class or session, the computers will just need to be powered on by the user. Please remind users to power down computers after use. When the fall session begins, computers in these areas will move to a schedule in which they will be automatically powered off at 10:00 PM each night and powered back on at 5:30 AM each morning. This schedule will be reassessed and adjusted during finals and on an as-needed basis.


Thank you for helping to reduce energy consumption on Chapman’s campus!  If you have any questions, please email