When I was asked to be the first user for the ChapmanUFamily Instagram account, I was nervous. This may seem odd, but I felt the pressure of beginning an account that is representative of the entire Chapman Family. I was worried about coming up with content that would be accepted by the audience and the amount of engagement my posts would receive. However, I was concerned with all the wrong things. The account is not about whose experience is the most popular or most impressive. It’s about telling your story. As I planned my content, I came to find that there are multiple aspects of my Chapman experience that make it unique.

screen-shot-2015-09-03-at-10-16-51-amThroughout the week, I was able to highlight my favorite parts of the university on and off campus, my involvement, and some of my favorite Chapman memories. Each day reminded me of the various aspects that make up my Chapman story, whether I was people watching in the piazza or attending my sorority’s weekly meeting. I often take for granted the day-to-day activities each semester brings, but running this account gave me the chance to evaluate my experience and celebrate what makes me (c)happy.

As a student, it is easy to slip into the state of mind that life on campus is repetitive and at times mundane. However, my week running the account renewed my Panther pride. Chapman University provides its students with an endless amount of opportunities. It encourages each student to find his or her passion, get involved and reach their potential. I am truly thankful that I chose to spend my college experience as a Panther.

Since the account began, it has developed into a new medium for students and alumni to experience the Chapman Family. It offers each user the opportunity to share and connect with their peers through a common platform. This encourages stronger relationships between students and alumni, emulating the feeling of family. With each new user, the followers are given the opportunity to see Chapman through a different lens. The differing experiences remind the audience that although each story is unique, they come together to form what it means to be part of the Chapman Family. After running the account, I feel an even stronger connection to Chapman and my fellow Panthers, and I have the ChapmanUFamily account to thank for that.

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Here are some of my favorite posts from the account so far: