One of my favorite things to read on Fridays is an emailed newsletter called “Better Together.” Each week it offers five simple tips for a more inclusive work environment.

This week’s newsletter offers tips for remembering pronouns. This is something I struggle with! I want to use someone’s correct pronouns, but sometimes my memory, brain, and speech patterns get in the way. Here are four suggestions from the newsletter and from my experience using Canvas. Feel free to use these and make them your own:

Re-iterate the pronouns right away.

If I repeat the pronouns right away in conversation, it helps my brain remember.

Mental practice.

Similar to getting a name pronunciation right, if I can practice the pronouns in my mind, I remember them better.

Write it down.

To help remember your students’ pronouns, write them down in Canvas! The Canvas Gradecenter has a Notes column you can activate. It’s perfect for jotting down those things you want to remember about your students, including their pronouns. If you haven’t used the Notes column, read the instructions to activate Notes.

Encourage students to select pronouns in Canvas.

In the Settings area, students can use a drop-down menu to select pronouns. Please share these instructions with students, as they may not realize they can select their pronouns. (Guess what, instructors can select their pronouns, too!). By doing this, the pronouns will always appear next to the person’s name, making them easier to remember.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful. If you have any suggestions to add, reach out to me via



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