Did you know that we have approximately 300 alumni working at Chapman University?  As an alumna myself, working at Chapman in the employment services department, I see many applications from fellow alumni applying for jobs here on campus.  I also receive phone calls from alumni asking how they can get a job at Chapman.  When I ask them why they want to work at Chapman, the majority say that they had such a wonderful experience as a student and would love the opportunity to work in the campus community.

As an executive committee member of the Chapman University Alumni Association, I am in the process of creating an affinity group of staff alumni to bring awareness to the many opportunities we have on campus for staff alumni to get involved and participate in events.  As an alumna, I think it is important to show your school pride and there is no better way to be a part of the Chapman Family than by being involved in activities on campus and in the community.  If you are an alumna or alumnus who works at Chapman and you would be interested in being a part of the committee to get the staff alumni group up and running, please contact  me at

With Panther Pride,

Susan Winton ’86 (M.S. ’93)

Member, Executive Committee
Board of Directors
Chapman University Alumni Association


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