After spending the beginning of his post-Chapman career in producing,
Mark Samuels
, BFA film production ’06, shifted his focus to combining entrepreneurship and sustainability. As the co-founder of eco-friendly paper products company
Nimbus Eco
, Mark thrives on taking on a wide variety of tasks. Read on to learn more about Nimbus Eco and find out what advice Mark has for fellow alumni and current students.

Tell us about your career – what do you do on a day-to-day basis?

I went to Chapman and studied film and was successful in my early career producing, editing and directing for several different production companies and more recently with my own, M.Samuels Media. In 2012, I founded
Nimbus Eco
with a long time friend; we manufacture tree-free paper products from bamboo and sugarcane including napkins, toilet paper, cups, plates, and paper towels- basically the most eco friendly paper products available. Since founding Nimbus Eco, my day-to-day responsibilities have changed dramatically. Running a start-up includes a wide range of tasks from managing our business development team, working with our PR company, approving graphics and packaging, adjusting pricing per client needs, developing new products, researching

trends, the list goes on. Having a wide range of unique tasks and challenges makes for an interesting day and the busier I get, the better I work.

What insight would you give to current students and alumni who are searching for employment?

Going out into the professional world can be a daunting and humbling endeavor, I know it was for me. I think it’s important to always be moving forward toward your goals through networking, talking to everyone, strategizing and creating your future one small step at a time. Picture where you want to be and make sure everything you do gets you closer to that place, whether its applying for a job or taking an internship, you’ll feel fulfilled because you know you’re on the right path.

What advice do you have for current students who want to make the most out of their time at Chapman?

Make sure that you spend time with friends doing things you love instead of focusing completely on your studies. Being well rounded makes you a happier and more successful person.

From your time at Chapman, which faculty member made the greatest impact on you and why?

Definitely my advisor, Mark Parry. He helped advise me through several changes in my film emphasis and was always very supportive.

How has your Chapman degree helped you in your professional and personal life?

Chapman helped me grow as an individual as well as taught me invaluable production skills that allowed me to be successful in my film and media career.

How were you involved on campus during your time as a Chapman student?

I was a member of SAE.

mark-samuels-photo-2What is your favorite Chapman memory?

That’s hard because there were so many but I’d say that going to formal with my fraternity sophomore year was definitely one of the best. We went down to Rosarito and had an incredible time as we were surrounded by all our best friends having the time of our lives.

What was your favorite spot on campus as a student?

I enjoyed the patio area between Beckman and the old film school as well as skating the parking structure behind the law building.

Have you been involved with Chapman since graduating?

Most of my best friends to this day are from Chapman so, in that sense, yes. I also work with a good deal of Chapman alumni on a daily basis.


Tree-less toilet paper from Nimbus Eco

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Chapman Family?

I would be grateful if everyone would take a minute and
check out what Nimbus Eco is doing on our site
or through social channels.




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