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From Chapman News to Lifestyle Network: Annie Ackerman ’14 in the Big Apple

May 26, 2016 by Mahri Barnes '09 | Alumni Spotlight

There is no doubt that Chapman alumni are doing extraordinary things post-graduation, and Annie Ackerman ’14 is no exception to that. After receiving her B.A. in television broadcast journalism with a minor in public relations, Annie landed a job as the executive assistant to the president of Lifestyle Network, NBCU Cable Entertainment in New York

How alumnus and Lionsgate executive Akin Ceylan ’90 is Thinking Chapman First

March 29, 2016 by Career & Industry | Alumni Spotlight

Since graduating from Chapman with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, not only has Akin Ceylan ’90 become the COO of home entertainment and global content delivery for Lionsgate, but he also serves on the Chapman University Board of Trustees and he is president-elect of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. In addition, Akin’s daughter Paige and

Rapper Adam Martinez (M.A./MFA ’14) releases album under moniker Faimkills

March 16, 2016 by | Alumni Spotlight

Adam Daniel Martinez (M.A./MFA ’14) is not your average wordsmith. He’s used his creative writing dual-graduate degree to create a niche career for himself in music and education, where he is able to use his writing skills combined with his “command of the English language.” During his graduate career at Chapman, Adam wasn’t only churning out compelling

A Million Thanks evolves with scholarships, granting wishes for U.S. troops, and a golf tournament at Camp Pendleton Shauna Fleming '11 takes the nonprofit organization she founded as a high school freshman to the next level

March 9, 2016 by Rick Weinberg | Alumni Spotlight

After an astounding 7.5 million letters of appreciation to American troops and an unprecedented wave of media exposure since the inception of A Million Thanks in 2004, it was time for Shauna Fleming’s unique and powerful organization to evolve. So Fleming, a Chapman University alumna from the Class of 2011 who has received worldwide attention

Lauren Potts ’15 drums her way upward with band Nightair

February 10, 2016 by | Alumni Spotlight

Challenge is no stranger to drummer Lauren Potts, BFA art ’15. Rather than mull over difficulties, however, Lauren, who lives with chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis, accepts the challenge every time, going after it with all her might. Drumming can be incredibly physically demanding, but she chooses passion over pain, ultimately turning her art and music passions into

“Chapman Fueled My Artist” How author Jon-Barrett Ingels (Class of '00) finds success in failing

January 14, 2016 by | Alumni Spotlight

President Jim Doti recently wrote an OC Register article titled, “With a liberal arts education, anything is possible.” Jon-Barrett Ingels (Class of ’00), actor, father and recently published author, is a shining example of the infinite spectrum of possibilities President Doti refers to. Jon-Barrett, who studied theatre at Chapman, is the host of the popular podcast, “The

Wes Pinkston ’09 provides comic relief to the real estate industry What everyone is thinking about real estate but no one is saying

December 4, 2015 by | Alumni Spotlight

What do real estate, comedy and blogging have in common? To most of us, the answer is a resounding “absolutely nothing.” But for Wes Pinkston, B.S. business administration ’09, these three seemingly unrelated subjects come together in perfect harmony through The Broke Agent, a real estate media company he co-founded in February with business partner Eric Simon. The Broke