Women’s Water Polo and Communication Studies alumni Allison Harf ’14 pictured with grapes from her vineyard.

During the pandemic, many people picked up new hobbies. For Communication Studies and Women’s Water Polo graduate Allison Harf ’14, she turned her hobby into a family business. Growing up in Sonoma, CA, the heart of wine country, Harf’s passion for wine runs deep. Inspired during the pandemic while spending time at her family’s property in Sonoma, Harf and her father decided to launch their own wine label after years of selling their grapes to other winemakers.

“Now, I’m doing my own wine label from our vineyards, but it’s been fun to be more involved and really understand the whole business,” Harf shares.

What started as a hobby project has now grown into a family affair, with Allison’s sister and mother joining in on the marketing, branding, and sales aspects. Together, they have expanded their offerings from Chardonnay to include their recently launched Pinot Rose. While Allison considers it a passion project, she hopes to grow the business slowly over time.

Harf’s full-time job is a medical device sales representative at Medtronic, and she devotes her time to coaching high school water polo, combining her love for sports and mentoring young athletes in their athletic and academic pursuits.

Many of Harf’s favorite Chapman memories are of her time playing on Chapman’s water polo team. “The bonds we shared, both in and out of the pool, created unforgettable moments filled with laughter, determination, and a strong sense of camaraderie. The intense practices, thrilling games, and supportive friendships formed during those water polo seasons made it an experience I will always cherish.”

Allison’s involvement in water polo, swimming, greek life, and studying abroad with Semester at Sea enriched her college experience, fostering personal growth and equipping her with valuable skills that extend beyond the classroom.

“Being part of the water polo and swimming teams taught me discipline, teamwork, and perseverance, while also fostering a sense of camaraderie. Additionally, my study abroad experience broadened my horizons, exposed me to diverse cultures and perspectives, and enhanced my global awareness,” explained Harf.

For students and recent graduates aspiring to turn their hobbies into businesses, Allison advises, “Gain knowledge and experience in your chosen field, develop a solid business plan, and build a strong network of connections. Chapman provides us with so many of the skills and opportunities you need. With passion, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence, you can make your dreams come true!”

You can learn more about Harf and Allison Brook Wines at https://www.allisonbrookwines.com/.