A comprehensive job search means that in addition to searching for jobs on Chapman’s career portal Handshake, you are utilizing resources such as personal connections, networks, company sites and public job portals. A great option for Chapman students and alumni is the alumni-owned website, Beeya.

By making a profile on Beeya, you gain access to more than 11 million jobs across multiple industries nationwide. Plus, when you view those jobs, Beeya will provide you valuable insight regarding your personal match percentage with each job to help you know where you stand.

Get matched (and hired!) by signing up for your free Beeya job seeker account today.

Beeya rep speaking with Chapman student at career fair

What does Beeya do?

Beeya helps students and alumni find jobs.

Beeya’s algorithm learns about you as you click through jobs and will be able to suggest jobs you haven’t yet engaged with.

You will receive a match-percentage to each job; “Alex, you and this nursing job on Zip Recruiter are a 92% match.” The more information entered into a Beeya.com profile, the more accurate your matches will be.

Beeya Quick Facts

Beeya was started by a Chapman alumna and is working with schools to get students hired with companies who have committed to hiring them.

Instead of searching through individual job sites such as Indeed, Zip Recruiter, LinkupUp, Nexxt, Joveo, and 43 other Beeya partners with each of these to bring all job listings onto one convenient platform.

Students are able to input criteria such as “Marketing” in “Irvine” and search through millions of job listings that apply to them.

Why is Beeya helpful?

Instead of applying for jobs through countless websites, you’re able to find and apply for jobs all on one, get matched with jobs that best suit you, and ultimately, get hired.

If you are a Chapman student, you will also get bumped to the top of any matches to companies who have committed hiring students.

Meet Beeya CEO Ladan Davia ’14

Ladan Davia '14

Beeya is a Chapman alumni-owned company that has hosted many Chapman student interns over the years.

CEO Ladan Davia ’14 continues to Think Chapman First and was recently on-campus sharing her insight on being your own boss and entrepreneurship during Chapman’s Certified Career Series, which you can view on Chapman University’s Career and Professional Development Facebook page.



Be Your Own Boss | Certified Career Series Panel Feat. Alumni Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Contractors and other Independent Workers

Chapman University is known as one of the most entrepreneurial and innovative schools around, so it's no surprise that Chapman students and alumni time and time again go solo in their careers.Being your own boss can manifest in many ways – for some, it's shaking up an industry through entrepreneurship – for others, it's providing independent consulting or contract work for other companies on a project basis – or owning a small business – or even having your personal brand or name be a business. There are many options, and we're bringing trailblazers from all corners to talk about what it means… to be your own boss. Tonight, look forward to meeting:Ladan Davia '14 | CEO at BeeyaKina De Santis '17 | Co-Founder of MotorMoodMason Hernandez '15 | CEO at My Catering ConciergeIf you are local, join us for the free event (including presentation, prizes, appetizers and networking) in Beckman Hall room 404. If you aren't local, tune in live with us here!

Posted by Chapman University Career and Professional Development on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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