Each day our students will blog about some of their experiences in New York City.  Our entry for Thursday 1/19/2012 comes from Grace Song, Eva Wong, Eric Lambert, and Charles Clark.

talked with us first this morning. Ms. Shelly Dropkin started off the presentation with a video overview of Citigroup, and then a PowerPoint presentation that described in more detail what was shown in the video. She finished by describing how best to get a job at Citi, and answered questions about recruiting. Next a Citigroup board member talked about both the history and current state of the industry beyond Citi.

student holding Brazilian food
Although the day was busy, we still managed to fit in social activities. After the Bank of America presentation, we walked around the area, visiting both Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center. The ice rink was very pretty, but it was overpriced so we did not decide to go. At night after NYU, we returned to Little Italy for Rice to Riches, a rice pudding shop we had tried yesterday and found to be delicious. We finished the night with going to the musical Phantom of the Opera.

student at restaurant table in Brazil
Bank of America had the most speakers, and each of them had their own charms. The first speaker made good points about always learning and being flexible in one’s career, themes which were carries forward with the other speakers after him. The second speaker was especially entertaining, telling his own story and supporting the points made by the first speaker. The third speaker showed us the diversity of their company, as she originally worked in law but later found her true passion. The next speaker had something to say about the customer-facing operations of Bank of America. The fifth speaker also was someone who showed diversity in their employees.  He described how Merrill Lynch allowed him to pursue his passion of music while also working on his banking career. Lastly, the senior economist talked about the state of the markets.

rodizio pizza
Our visit to the Stern School of Business at NYU involved a lecture by Professor Charlie Murphy. He was a very engaging and passionate speaker, who also had his own brand of humor. He began the talk by speaking about recent developments in the financial world. He emphasized the importance of the interconnectivity of various fields to investment banking, such as the connection between the legal field and the medical field and their relationships with regulation and risks.

Grace, Eva, Eric & Charles.