After a challenging period for international travel programs, the Chapman EMBA Class of 2023 was fortunate to travel in the summer of 2022 and examine the challenges and opportunities of the Greek economy in reopening for business.

EMBA students enjoying a boat ride in Greece

Challenges for Greece

Over the last 15 years, Greeces economy has experienced one of the most significant contractions in the European Union, driven by the twin crises of the decade-long sovereign debt crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. Economic and geopolitical issues were a central theme of Maria Olson, Deputy Chief Minister of the U.S. Embassy in Greece when she presented as the opening speaker to the EMBA class.

Maria Olson, Deputy Chief Minister of the U.S. Embassy in Greece, shares her perspective on opportunities to expand U.S. influence in the region.

EMBA Students Inspect Logistics Facilities at PPA & COSCO Shipping

One of the interesting geopolitical ramifications of selling 67% of the PPA to COSCO Shipping is how it has heightened the competition within Greece between the U.S., its European allies, and China. As Greece recovers from its sovereign debt crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increased push to expand U.S. influence and opportunities for U.S. and European investment to counteract growing Chinese investments in the region,” said Matthew Valerius.

EMBA students ready to depart to inspect logistics facilities at PPA & COSCO Shipping

A Visit to ECOS

The ECOS presentation was a great example of a strategic narrative pitch. It followed the classic steps to get the class onboard – starting with the founders story, laying out the risks of the current environment, and then leading into the core traits you must expect from the right solution. These traits include certifications around green detergent technology. Its a great way to introduce a presentation – leading with the context of Why and How – getting the room with you before going in depth. 

ECOS has a strong brand – they are bolstering the product line with every form of cleansing product and forming alliances with brands like Trader Joes. The presentation served us with the context needed to get on board. As they argued which certifications and ingredients were vital to solving the problem, they just laid out for us to solve cleaning products must be responsibly made and safe for the environment after they are used. The presentation hit the classic GTM motion of People – Product – Promotion. You could tell that the presenter loved frameworks and had studied them, said Ryan Radcliff, Chapman EMBA.

Earth Friendly Products (ECOS) Going green in the FMCG industry

Konstantinos Terzis outlined several tax incentives and subsidies the Greek government has implemented to spur private sector investment and successfully attract foreign direct investment (FDI). The Greek government has implemented several new investment incentive programs that provide subsidies to companies that invest in Greece. The focus is on investments that create new jobs, especially in strategic industries such as tourism, agriculture, energy, information and communications systems, construction, research and development, and healthcare.

Excursions & Experiences

The EMBA students were also given the opportunity to see famous Greek sights, eat delicious Greek food, and more!

EMBA students sightseeing in Greece!

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