As the spring semester unfolds its final days, Chapman University prepares to bid farewell to another cohort of graduates, among them, Rashel Likoskendaj. Stepping onto campus as a freshman, Rashel embarked on a journey of self-discovery and academic excellence with a double major in Business Administration and Economics with a minor in Computer Science.

Rashel’s journey at Chapman has been nothing short of remarkable. When asked about her most impactful experience, she recounted a momentous encounter with the CFO of First American during a residency meeting. She said, “His experience was inspiring and his confidence radiated in the room, and I believe that left an impression on how I approach applying for jobs or taking charge in projects, or even life.”

Charting the Course

Amidst the academic rigors, Rashel found solace and camaraderie in the cherished traditions of Chapman. Among her favorite memories is the candle-lighting ceremony, a poignant symbol of unity and legacy. This tradition, intertwined with the warmth of alumni connections, evokes a sense of belonging and continuity that Rashel holds dear.

Reflecting on her freshman self, Rashel extends a compassionate hand to incoming students, urging them to embrace the journey wholeheartedly. Drawing from her own experiences, she emphasizes, “I think there is a great disconnect between high school and college. I think as a first-year, I felt that disconnect. I would say to take more chances and not be afraid to make mistakes! Making mistakes is part of the course.”

In Pursuit of Excellence

Rashel’s involvement on campus mirrors her multifaceted interests and unwavering dedication. From her early days as a member of the Zeta Iota Chapter of Delta Gamma to her pivotal role as Membership Chair of Omicron Delta Epsilon, Rashel’s commitment to academic and extracurricular excellence shines through. During her time at Chapman, she also landed an internship at Deloitte in the Financial Consulting department of their Central Europe sector, making her an exemplary candidate. Her tenure in the Janes Financial Residency program further exemplifies her passion for the financial industry and her relentless pursuit of knowledge and growth.

Guided by a spirit of ambition and curiosity, Rashel entered Chapman with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to carve her path in the world of business and economics. Today, as she stands on the cusp of graduation, Rashel’s goals have evolved, expanding to encompass aspirations of pursuing an MBA and venturing into the realm of financial consulting.

She states, “Attend as many events as possible! Chapman has one of the best networks possible, and they have amazing speakers always coming in. If you are able to just introduce yourself, it will make applying for jobs that much easier”.

Embracing Academic Excellence

Choosing Chapman’s Argyros Business School was a decision fueled by Rashel’s pursuit of academic rigor and real-world relevance. The school’s diverse classes, taught by industry experts, allowed Rashel to delve deep into her passions and gain invaluable insights into the business world.

Rashel’s academic journey at Chapman was enriched by captivating courses and inspiring professors. She emphasized, “Jon Humphreys in Visual Programming has always been my number one supporter while at Chapman. I want to give a huge shout-out to him for always having my back and helping me overcome my insecurities regarding programming and being good enough.”

From the confidence instilled by Jon Humphreys in Visual Programming to the intellectual stimulation of Humanomics with Kyle Hampton and Keith Hankins, Rashel’s favorite classes embody the spirit of exploration and discovery that defines the Chapman experience.

Exploring Beyond: Life Outside the Classroom

Beyond the confines of campus life, Rashel found joy in exploring the vibrant landscapes of Orange County and Los Angeles. From idyllic beach days along the shores of Crystal Cove to immersive cultural experiences at the Petersen Automotive Museum, Rashel’s adventures reflect her zest for life and discovery.

A Glimpse into the Future

As Rashel embarks on the next chapter of her journey, her sights are set on continued growth and professional fulfillment. Currently enrolled in the Flex-MBA program at Chapman and serving as a Resident at the Janes Residency Center, Rashel’s post-graduation plans are brimming with ambition and possibility.


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