Among the exceptional students at Chapman University, Aylo Corshen, a business major with a passion for entrepreneurship and a keen interest in data analytics, has made his mark. Aylo’s journey at Chapman is a testament to the power of initiative and community building. He reflects fondly on the inception of the Chapman Entrepreneurship Organization (CEO Club), a venture that blossomed from humble beginnings to a bustling community of over 120 members. “Starting and growing the Chapman entrepreneurship organization from 2-120 members has been such a great journey,” Aylo shares. “It’s given me the chance to connect with amazing individuals both within and outside of Chapman and witness the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit flourish on campus.”

London Calling

Among Aylo’s cherished memories is his transformative semester abroad in London. Immersed in a rich mix of cultures and experiences, he found himself on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. “My time abroad in London was an unforgettable adventure,” Aylo reminisces. “From forging new friendships to embracing diverse perspectives, every moment was a treasure trove of learning and exploration.”

Words of Wisdom

Reflecting on his Chapman journey, Aylo offers sage advice to incoming students. “Get involved in your interests immediately,” he urges. “If something doesn’t exist, be a leader and create it. Push past your comfort zone and seize every opportunity for growth.” His words resonate as a guiding light for future Panthers embarking on their academic odyssey. When asked about his favorite spot on campus, Aylo’s affection for the Leatherby Center shines through. “Obviously, the Leatherby Center,” he quips. “I practically live there! It’s become my second home with its inviting study rooms and vibrant atmosphere.”

A Grateful Heart

Throughout his Chapman experience, Aylo found unwavering support from friends and mentors alike. “My friends and professors have been my pillars of strength,” he acknowledges. “Their guidance and encouragement have been instrumental in shaping my Chapman experience and propelling me towards success.”

Among the many faculty members who left a lasting impression, Aylo fondly recalls the mentorship of Cynthia West. “Cynthia West has been an incredible resource and motivator,” he shares. “Her dedication to the CEO Club and commitment to student growth has been a driving force behind our endeavors.”

Charting New Horizons

Aylo’s impact extends beyond campus borders, with internships spanning the music industry landscape. From event production companies to artist management firms, he’s immersed himself in diverse roles, paving the way for a promising career post-graduation. “Since I entered college, I always wanted to be in the music industry,” Aylo shares.

As Aylo bids farewell to Chapman, he eagerly anticipates the opportunities that lie ahead. With a lease signed in LA and an Agent Trainee position secured at United Talent Agency (UTA), he’s poised to make waves in the music industry and beyond. “Chapman has equipped me with the tools and experiences to thrive,” Aylo reflects.

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