Michael Goodloe, a 2018 alumnus of California State University, Northridge (CSUN) with a Bachelor’s in Finance Option in Financial Planning, embarked on a new chapter in his academic journey by pursuing an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) at Chapman University, with an anticipated graduation year of 2025.

The Chapman EMBA Experience

Despite his residence in the southernmost parts of Orange County and relatively infrequent visits to the Chapman campus due to the nature of the EMBA program, Michael shares a positive experience with the welcoming and friendly atmosphere encountered among both students and faculty at the Argyros College. He says “I live and work in San Clemente, CA, and really only come to campus to attend class, meet with faculty, and attend Argyros business events.”

A way to stay more connected despite limited time in Orange, Michael has been participating in campus life as much as he can, a proud member of the Graduate Business Association (GBA). He strives to attend GBA and EMBA/MBA events whenever possible, expressing particular gratitude for the opportunity to attend the Argyros School’s Leadership Lecture Series, Dean Cronqvist’s distinguished speaker series, which recently featured the iconic Earvin “Magic” Johnson, expressing that he is “Very honored to have the opportunity to attend events like these.”

When asked about his decision to choose Chapman and the Argyros College of Business and Economics, Michael emphasizes the unique learning environment that sets it apart from other programs. “Ultimately, it is my cohort that won me over, he says, “being in an environment where I can not only learn from industry leaders but also contribute to their success.”

Professional Endeavors & the Pursuit of Further Education

Michael’s impressive professional journey began with a summer internship in 2017 at UCLA Ronald Reagan University Medical Center, where he focused on hospital operations. Subsequently, he transitioned to UCLA Health as an Analyst in hospital marketing and later took on the role of Manager, overseeing marketing initiatives at BRAH Electric. It was here, he said, “Although my title was “Marketing” manager, I also managed all accounting practices of the firm.” His career ascent continued with positions as Director of Operations at BRAH Electric, where he led efforts to improve processes and reinforce the company’s core competencies.

Reflecting on his time at the Argyros College thus far, Michael underscores the evolving nature of effective leadership. “My biggest takeaway thus far is when moving into an executive position you no longer manage things, you manage people,” he says. “This is something we may already know, but having it explicitly stated and reinforced is a key value to the success of my role.”

As Michael concludes his first semester, he looks forward to the challenges and growth that lie ahead. His long-term career goal is to assist business owners in realizing their company’s potential by identifying, developing, and implementing strategic plans to achieve organizational goals.


Michael expresses immense pride in being part of the prestigious institution that is Chapman University, highlighting the invaluable experiences and knowledge gained on his EMBA journey.

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