Meet Parker Kittilsby! Parker began his journey at Chapman University in 2018, having no idea how transformative his time in Orange would be. Graduating with a B.S. in Business Administration and a Minor in Secondary Education in 2022 and continuing on to graduate from Chapman’s M.S. in Real Estate program in 2023, Parker reflects on his Chapman experience with gratitude and enthusiasm.

Parker’s Chapman Experience

During his undergraduate years, Parker was impressed by the dedication of his professors who brought real-world experiences into the classroom. He fondly recalls their willingness to offer extra time to students and how they were truly invested in their success. The curriculum allowed him to establish a strong foundation in the business world while also providing the freedom to explore various intriguing subjects.

Parker acknowledges the influential professors who guided him at Chapman, particularly Professors Fadel Lawandy and Stephanie Muchard. They provided both academic knowledge and practical insights, shaping his career path and helping him build important connections. “Fadel and Stephanie are brilliant professors and advisors, who understand the academic and the business worlds. I was fortunate enough to build great relationships with both of these professors during my time at Chapman, and each have guided me towards my current career path…” says Kittilsby.

Outside of academics, Parker was actively involved in Camp Kesem, where he engaged with Chapman’s local community and organized opportunities for children affected by cancer.

From Campus to Career

Upon graduation, Parker received a job offer and moved back to Seattle. However, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to further his education. Eighty days later, he returned to Chapman to pursue a Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) degree. “The MSRE program was a great experience that allowed me to learn from top professionals in Southern California in a small cohort setting,” he says. “Joining the MSRE program was the best decision I made during my time at Chapman.”

Today, Parker serves as the Special Project Manager at Miles Sand & Gravel, a prominent ready-mix and aggregate supplier in Western Washington. His journey with the company began before his freshman year, working in concrete and aggregate sales during the summers. In his current role, Parker takes on unconventional projects related to real estate holdings, identifying opportunities and planning for the future of the properties.

Parker attributes much of his career success thus far to his Chapman education. He believes that the hands-on projects and diverse range of courses provided him with real-world experiences and expanded his horizons. The MSRE program equipped him with valuable strategies for real estate development, which now play a crucial role in converting gravel properties into their next uses. He says, “My prior experiences at Miles and a background in real estate from Chapman’s MSRE program, led to the creation of my role,” demonstrating the power of a well-rounded education and practical work experience.

Early Career Experience

Parker’s advice for current students and recent graduates is to savor their time at Chapman, engage on campus, and build relationships with professors. He emphasizes the value of small class sizes and the unique opportunities Chapman offers. Additionally, he encourages undergraduates to consider the one-to-two-year master’s programs at Chapman, like the MSRE program, as they can open doors to numerous opportunities and career advancement.

Parker’s Chapman University experience exemplifies the power of education, dedication, and seizing opportunities. His journey from undergraduate to MSRE graduate and Special Project Manager at Miles Sand & Gravel is a testament to the transformative impact of a Chapman education.


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