Jake Buchanan, a proud graduate of Chapman University, embarked on a collegiate journey that shaped both his personal identity and professional trajectory. In 2019, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Management emphasis and a Minor in Philosophy. Following his undergraduate years, Jake delved deeper into his passion for real estate, pursuing an M.S. in Real Estate, which he completed in 2023.

Chapman Reflections: Special Moments & Memories

Reflecting on his Chapman experience, Jake reminisced about the profound impact of his undergraduate years. Chapman was not merely an academic institution; it was the canvas on which he painted lasting friendships and discovered his passion for real estate. Immersed in campus life, Jake joined the lacrosse team and embraced Greek life with the men of Phi Gamma Delta.

His fraternity experiences became an integral part of his Chapman story. “Chapman Greek life was a wonderful opportunity to express myself, learn time management, and network with like-minded individuals,” he says. “Memories of dancing with Alpha Phi on skit night, playing soccer in the quad for fundraisers, and synchronized swimming for Delta Gamma’s fundraiser, were endeavors etched in the fabric of my Chapman narrative.” Further, his fraternity involvement ended up opening doors to internships in multifamily apartment investing and solidifying his commitment to commercial real estate.

Mastering Real Estate

One pivotal moment in Jake’s career occurred when he transitioned from commercial brokerage to pursue a graduate degree. After two years post-undergrad and faced with challenges in the industry due to the pandemic, he recognized the importance of additional qualifications. Jake returned to Chapman for a Master of Science in Real Estate degree—a decision that would prove instrumental in his career.

The one-year program was instrumental in his learning, where he absorbed wisdom from industry titans, collaborated with an exceptional cohort, and honed his real estate investment skills. “The experience,” he says, “fortified my knowledge of real estate investment and how to carry myself as a business professional. I owe Chapman tenfold for this invaluable chapter, as it has proven to be the most rewarding investment in my life to date.”

Financial and Asset Management in the Lone Star State

Currently residing in Austin, Texas, Jake serves as a Financial and Asset Management Analyst at GVA Property Management. In this role, he manages operations for nearly 150 multifamily properties in the Sun Belt states, working closely with asset managers and investment associates. ” I’ve also been responsible for gathering financial data for lenders and investors and collaborating with the investment team to handle cash funds. This experience has been challenging but fulfilling,” he says.

His journey to Austin was strategic, driven by the city’s growth, lower tax incentives, and abundant opportunities—a move facilitated by networking through his fraternity connections. “I’m extremely grateful for how it all played out. I got the role through fraternity brother, Tate Bowden, and Austin native, who knew I was moving to Texas,” says Jake. “This was another prime example of the networking capabilities that Chapman provides.”

Chapman’s Impact on Career Readiness

Reflecting on how Chapman prepared him for his post-grad career, Jake acknowledges the Argyros College’s strong network and foundational business skills. The emphasis on academic excellence extended beyond classrooms, with faculty encouraging certifications to enhance employability. Jake earned three certifications through Wall Street Prep courses, proving instrumental in job searches.

Further, Jake says that “Chapman’s student environment truly feels like a supportive family. The unwavering support from the Chapman Career Team, led by professionals like Jim Dusserre, Jolene Hanley, Austin Price, and Heather Stotler, played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of my career.”

Gratitude and Future Aspirations

Grateful for influential professors and the Chapman community, Jake acknowledges the support of mentors like Perry Schonfeld, Chris Lowe, and the Argyros Career Team. He says, “I am grateful to the entire faculty and professors of the Chapman community for their collective support, which has played a vital role in propelling me to where I am today. Indeed, it truly takes a village to foster success, and I am fortunate to have been a part of the Chapman community’s collaborative and supportive environment.”

His advice to students and recent graduates emphasizes continuous learning, networking, and effective time management. He continues to say, “Lastly, adopt an attitude of gratitude for your current position, whether you are a student or recent graduate. You are in a unique position to achieve and remember that everyone charts their own course in the race of life. Regardless of the path you take, the key is to keep moving forward. Press On!”

As Jake Buchanan continues to thrive in the world of real estate, he attributes his success to the strong foundation laid at Chapman University—a place where friendships, learning, and personal growth intertwine to create a promising future.


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