Chapman University serves as the foundation for many success stories, and Austin Huffman, a 2013 graduate with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Psychology, is a shining example. His time at Chapman was more than an academic pursuit; it was an incredible journey that shaped not just his career but also his personal life.

Chapman University Memories and Foundations

Reflecting on his Chapman experience, Austin shares, “My experience at Chapman was an incredible journey. I had the privilege of receiving a fantastic education and was able to be involved in a ton of other extracurricular activities at the same time.” From playing water polo to being a part of Phi Gamma Delta and Alpha Kappa Psi fraternities, he embraced the diverse opportunities that Chapman offered. The connections made during those four years, including meeting his wife and having seven out of nine groomsmen from Chapman, highlight the profound impact the university had on his life.

Navigating the Real Estate Landscape at Marcus & Millichap

Fast forward to the present, and Huffman is now the First Vice President of Investments at Marcus & Millichap, a national commercial real estate firm. Managing a team of five agents and six support staff, his focus is on the sale of multifamily apartments in San Diego County. Reflecting on his career path, he shares, “I always knew that I wanted to be in real estate in some capacity, but I also was very intrigued by starting my own company. Running a brokerage team sounded like a perfect marriage of both careers I wanted to pursue.”

His success is not just a stroke of luck; it is rooted in the education and experiences he gained at Chapman. “My favorite and most challenging classes that I took in school were my real estate and entrepreneurship courses that I took my junior and senior year,” he notes. The practical knowledge gained in these classes became invaluable in his day-to-day activities.

Lessons from Chapman and Career Advice

Looking back, Austin credits his well-rounded involvement in campus life as a significant contributor to his success. “I think the more well-rounded someone can be in school, the better. Chapman is a great place to do this,” he advises. His engagement in Greek life, Alpha Kappa Psi, Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and Chapman Radio enriched his skills and knowledge.

When asked about advice for current students or recent graduates, Austin emphasizes the importance of involvement and sales experience. “If you are in business or an entrepreneur, you will be involved in sales one way or another whether you like it or not. The more well-rounded you can be in college, the better off you will be once you graduate,” he suggests. Sharpening sales skills while in school, according to Austin, accelerates success post-graduation.

Mr. Huffman exemplifies the Chapman spirit, where education extends beyond the classroom, friendships last a lifetime, and diverse experiences lay the foundation for a successful career. As he continues to thrive in the dynamic world of commercial real estate, his story serves as an inspiration for those looking to follow a similar path.

To soon-to-be graduates, Austin shares that his team in San Diego is always looking for eager and hard-working individuals who want to build a career in real estate. Feel free to reach out at any time!


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