Chapman University has long been a hub for diverse talents and interests, and Nathan Worden‘s journey through the institution exemplifies the university’s ethos of exploration and interdisciplinary learning. Nathan graduated in 2013 with a BFA in Film Production but found himself drawn back to the vibrant Chapman community, leading him to pursue not one, but two master’s degrees.

Nathan’s Chapman Experience

Nathan’s Chapman experience extended beyond the realm of film as he took on the role of Resident Director for various housing facilities, showcasing the university’s commitment to holistic development. “While working at Chapman, I did two additional graduate degrees, one in Leadership and then I got my MBA. All the while I did a lot of photography at campus events and senior photos. I loved the Chapman environment and all the people I got to meet,” he says. Reflecting on his time, Nathan expresses his love for the Chapman environment and the people he encountered during his multifaceted journey.

One of Nathan’s proudest moments was photographing the cover of Chapman Magazine in 2016, featuring then-President Doti. The shoot, set in Memorial Hall with Doti and his dog, stands as a testament to Nathan’s talent and the fond memories he cherishes from his time at Chapman.

Nathan’s Career in Community

Currently serving as a Community Manager at Yahoo Finance, Nathan plays a pivotal role in creating a vibrant space for investors to discuss stocks. “I manage groups of creators who write analysis about their favorite investment ideas,” he says. “I got into the space after being hired at a startup called Commonstock that needed a Community Manager who could relate to financial writers.” Nathan’s unique blend of an MBA and experience managing residence halls made him an ideal fit. Following Commonstock’s acquisition by Yahoo, Nathan seamlessly transitioned into his current role.

Nathan attributes much of his career preparedness to his time at Chapman’s Argyros College, highlighting the importance of classes in accounting, business analytics, statistics, and financial management. These courses equipped him with the skills needed to understand and produce content for Yahoo Finance, emphasizing the importance of grounding investment theses in financial reality while simply communicating complex ideas.

Words of Wisdom for Students & Soon-To-Be Graduates

Nathan’s advice for students and recent graduates echoes his own unique journey: “Allow yourself to get deeply interested in fields that don’t (seemingly) have anything to do with each other. Of all the classes I took at Argyros, and all the classes I took at the College of Educational Studies, there was only one other student ever who did both the degrees I did. Finding the intersection between disciplines that interest you gives you a unique value in the marketplace.”


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