Jacob Pace, Argyros College Class of 2020 and Fowler School of Law Class of 2023.

Jacob Pace, a proud alumnus of Chapman University, holds a B.S. in Business Administration (2020) and a J.D. (2023). His academic journey at Chapman has been a significant factor in shaping his successful career in law.

Chapman Experience: A Unique Space for Growth

Pace describes Chapman as an extraordinary institution that provides unparalleled opportunities for academic and personal growth. Reflecting on his 7 years at Chapman—4 for undergrad and 3 for law school—he says, “Anytime I reflect on my experience, I find myself undeniably content and proud to be a Chapman alumnus. I find ardor and joy knowing that I would choose Chapman all over again if dealt the opportunity to redo my collegiate experience.”

Pace credits Chapman University and the Argyros College for preparing him for his post-grad career. “The Argyros College did an excellent job in teaching me to ‘cut through the noise’,” he says. He shares that it is not to say that you will not hit roadblocks, however. “Each day in practice, I am confronted with a legal issue that seems out of my league and unsolvable. But if I cut through the noise and approach issues logically, I find myself capable to solve any task at hand.”

Jacob’s involvement in Beta Theta Pi, Chapman Student Ambassadorship, and the initiation of Chapman Tech Tutors showcases his commitment to professional and social growth. Greek life, in particular, played a significant role in honing his communication skills, a vital aspect of his legal profession.

From Numbers to Words: A Journey into Law

Jacob has always been fond of the legal profession.  “The adage, ‘there are two sides to every coin’ always resonated with me,” he says. “The idea of devoting my career to transacting in, for lack of a better term, words, struck me as fulfilling and productive. Thus, I decided I wanted to be a lawyer.”

But before law school, Pace chose to major in something rather unique to the legal profession. Many law students tend to have a background in the humanities or fields of a similar realm. For Jacob, however, he loved numbers, negotiations, and business. “I am very happy with my decision to pursue proficiency in finance and accounting because many areas of law require at least a basic understanding of business, especially my practice area, business litigation.”

Law school is largely comprised of reading and writing, so it was certainly an uphill battle for Jacob to put away the numbers for a bit and find a new home in writing. “Nonetheless,” he says, “now that I am in practice, I use the skills I learned in my business courses at Chapman and corporate internships each and every day. Just like my choice in Chapman, I wouldn’t change my decision to study business.”

Jacob is an associate attorney at his law firm, Madison Law, APC. During his 2L year of law school, he started as a law clerk at Madison Law. He instantly grew fond of the firm’s “family” feel, and just like Chapman’s tightly-knit community, Madison Law offered the same sense of collaboration and support. “I was lucky enough to receive a post-bar offer, and I accepted in a heartbeat knowing that I found a firm focused on providing significant growth opportunities to its employees. While I just passed the bar exam and I have only been practicing for a few months, I am beyond content with my career choices thus far and I am ecstatic for the future,” says Pace.

Influential Moments & Figures

Jacob Pace ’20, JD ’23 with his fiancé, Jordan Bradbury ’20 at graduation.

“The most pivotal moment in my career thus far was certainly passing the bar exam. It was the most stressful and difficult thing I have ever done,” says Pace. And rightfully so—practicing law is no simple feat. Now that he has his license, Jacob feels that a door has opened within which lies a boundless world where he can reach my highest potential.

Pace acknowledges the influence of professors like Diane Eisenberg and Professor Berkovitz, as well as Dr. Ybarra. Additionally, he recognizes the impact of lifelong friends made during his Chapman journey and expresses gratitude for the support of his fiancé & Chapman sweetheart, Jordyn Bradbury ’20.

Advice for Aspiring Lawyers

Pace encourages students to consider law school, assuring them that the investment is worthwhile for those committed to finding the drive to power through. His unique journey from business to law serves as an inspiration for those navigating a similar path post-graduation. “Law is a fantastic profession for those willing to extend their education with three more years of graduate school. It is particularly special in that each case requires a certain level of expertise in whatever the case concerns. Over time, a lawyer gains knowledge in countless fields. Even further, it is a uniquely fulfilling profession that makes me excited to go to work each day.”

Jacob extends an invitation for potential law students to reach out for guidance, emphasizing that anyone can succeed in the field of law with dedication and commitment.


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