Even after decades, our Argyros Alumni still look back on their time with us fondly! Meet Daven Pierce. In 2002, Daven graduated from the Argyros School with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Management. Daven has had a very successful career since departing from Chapman, so let’s dive in!

Daven’s Chapman Experience

Daven came to Chapman as a transfer student and was sure to make the most of the time he had. “I was constructively challenged with my classes & by the professors, made lifelong friends & had many experiences that have helped shape the person & “professional” in the work world I am today.” According to Daven, his time at the Argyros School helped him develop the fundamental skills of focused discipline, time management, cross-functional teamwork & instilled a sense of self-confidence. One of his favorite classes was the CapstonecClass taught by Dr. Candace Ybarra. “I did my report on the brand VANS, which actually helped me get my initial job at Volcom“. He also enjoyed Entrepreneurial Management with Dr. Tom Turk and several of his marketing classes.

Daven’s Career Experience

Daven got his first internship at Time Bomb Recordings through the help of the Argyros School’s career center which helped him establish his career path and develop a lucrative network. He is currently the Senior Director of Marketing for Sapporo & Stone Brewing. He has been at the company for the past six years and worked his way up. His team is responsible for all aspects of branding, marketing, advertising, etc. for all things Sapporo & Stone Brewing USA. “Anything you see from product/packaging, displays at the store, delivery truck graphics to physical/digital/social advertising for Stone or Sapporo beers…comes from my rad team”.

Before joining the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and beverage industry, Daven was working in the apparel & footwear sectors of the action sports industry. He spent 15 years working at Volcom and 2 years working at the footwear brand Sanuk at Deckers Brands.

Daven’s Advice to Argyros Students

“Work hard/play hard…find a good balance in life…be a good person/respectful…say what you are going to do & do what you say…Plan your work & work your plan…Authenticity is key!”


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