Faryal Ahsan, a diligent and ambitious senior double majoring in Business Administration and Economics with an emphasis in Finance, is set to graduate this spring of 2024. Beyond the classrooms and textbooks, Faryal’s experience is shaped by the people she met, the challenges she embraced, and the memories she cherished. She remarks, “Meeting wonderful people that inspire me, whether friends, professors, or classmates, has been truly impactful.” From supportive professors who shaped her thought process to the lifelong friendships forged since day one, Chapman’s community played a pivotal role in her collegiate experience.

Inspiring Encounters and Lasting Bonds

Faryal’s favorite memory, moving into Chapman Grand, symbolizes the rekindling of human connections post-pandemic. She reminisces, “It was the first semester back on campus after COVID. The pandemic has made us realize the importance of human connection.” This transition not only marked a new academic year but also embodied the resilience of the Chapman community in navigating challenging times. Choosing Chapman’s Argyros College of Business was a natural fit for Faryal, drawn by its personalized education and vibrant community. As an Orange County native, Chapman’s warm atmosphere and intimate class sizes provided the ideal environment for her academic pursuits.

Embracing Growth

Faryal’s advice to her first-year self resonates with her personal journey of growth: “Get out of your comfort zone!” Engaging in clubs like CUIG (Chapman University Investment Group) and tackling rigorous coursework pushed her boundaries, fostering personal and professional development. She emphasizes the significance of embracing new experiences and challenges, echoing Chapman’s ethos of holistic education. Throughout her Chapman journey, Faryal remained steadfast in pursuing academic and professional excellence. She shares, “My main goals in college were to develop professionally and intellectually. I can confidently say that I was able to accomplish both goals during my time here at Chapman.” From conquering challenging courses like Intermediate Microeconomics to honing essential soft skills, Faryal’s journey epitomizes the holistic growth fostered at Chapman’s Argyros College of Business.

Charting a Path Forward

With her Chapman chapter drawing to a close, Faryal sets her sights on a promising future. Post-graduation, she embarks on a fulfilling career as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs, leveraging her Chapman experience to thrive in the dynamic world of finance. From embracing challenges to nurturing connections, Faryal’s Chapman journey exemplifies the transformative power of higher education. As she embarks on her next chapter, her legacy resonates within Chapman’s vibrant community, inspiring future generations to seize every opportunity and forge their path with purpose.