Amidst the whirlwind of academia and extracurriculars, students find that they can discover a home away from home on Chapman’s vibrant campus. Bradley Parsons, a soon-to-be Chapman University double-alum, reflects on his journey through undergrad and graduate school, highlighting his most meaningful experiences and offering advice to incoming students.

Impactful Experiences & People

Bradley’s campus involvement has been very diverse, spanning across various organizations and activities. He immersed himself fully in Greek life activities, making the most out of his time. Additionally, he took on leadership roles, serving as the President of the Chapman Triathlon Club, where he competed in races at picturesque locations like Malibu, Catalina Island, and Newport Back Bay. Furthermore, he dedicated his time to the Chapman Ambassador Program, assuming the role of Director on the Executive Board and orchestrating impactful donor events. He was also a Graduate Student Assistant at the Argyros College of Business and Economics for almost two full years.

Reflecting on his experiences, he emphasizes the importance of involvement to incoming students, believing it to be a cornerstone of the Chapman experience and essential for maximizing their college journey.

The Argyros professors who significantly influenced Bradley’s Chapman experience included educators such as professors Pagel, Leone, Vracheva, Ataman, Hampton, and Koepp. Through their guidance and expertise, he navigated complex subjects and developed invaluable skills essential for his academic and professional journey. Moreover, he acknowledges the profound impact of his French professors at Wilkinson College, namely professors Boitano, MacVicar, and Olivier. Their dedication to nurturing his language proficiency and cultural understanding enriched his collegiate experience, shaping him into the well-rounded individual he is today.

An Ode to Greek Life

Among his numerous involvements, his time with the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity stands out as the most impactful. Parsons reminisces about the camaraderie and shared values within his fraternity, emphasizing the importance of embracing opportunities for personal growth and connection.

Bradley recalls his introduction to Pi Kappa Alpha during his freshman year, describing it as an instant connection with like-minded individuals. He fondly remembers how the fraternity’s motto, SLAG (Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and Gentlemen), resonated with him and his brothers, shaping their collective identity and guiding their actions on campus. “Joining Pi Kappa Alpha was one of the best decisions I made in college,” he states. “It provided me with a sense of belonging and a platform to develop leadership skills.”

One of Parsons’ favorite memories at Chapman revolves around Greek Week, an annual event that brings fraternities and sororities together for friendly competition and collaboration. Parsons recounts his fraternity’s victory in the Chant competition, where each fraternity paired up with a sorority to choreograph and perform a dance routine. The experience not only showcased their teamwork and creativity but also forged lasting bonds with their Greek partners.

“Participating in Chant with my fraternity was an unforgettable experience,” Parsons reflects. “It was incredible to see how our brothers and our sorority partners came together to create something special. Winning first place was just the icing on the cake.”

Navigating College: Advice from a Graduate

As Bradley reflects on his college journey, he offers valuable advice to incoming students based on his own experiences. He encourages them to embrace every opportunity for growth and exploration, emphasizing the importance of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. “Don’t worry too much about the future,” he advises. “Some of the best memories come from taking risks and saying yes to new opportunities.”

Parsons also stresses the significance of campus involvement, citing his active participation in fraternity life, sports clubs, and volunteer organizations. He believes that engagement outside of the classroom enriches the college experience and fosters personal and professional development. “Get involved as much as you can,” Parsons urges. “It’s not just about academics; it’s about building connections and discovering your passions.”


Bradley’s journey through Chapman University is a testament to the importance of transformative collegiate experiences. From fraternity brotherhood to campus involvement, Parsons embraced every opportunity for growth and connection, leaving a lasting impact on both himself and his community. As he looks towards the future, Bradley is grateful for the support of his professors, family, and friends, and excited to embark on his next chapter in sales management. For incoming students, his message is clear: seize every moment, embrace every opportunity, and make the most out of your Chapman experience!

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