fortune top100 chart

Hey ASBE crowd, I have two quick things to share with you about this table.

This Summer I decided to leave BCG, the company shown as #2 (for second year running) on Fortune’s annual list of “100 Best Companies To Work For”, to join you at this FANTASTIC institution because ASBE is just that fantastic.  At BCG I led client work, but also ran recruiting functions and I can tell you – get over to OCPP on the 4th floor of Beckman Hall early and often; if you want to hire on with a top firm preparation really makes a HUGE difference.

I hope to engage with you through a monthly blog here at the Dean’s Corner.  You can also follow ASBE news and events on our Facebook page.   Feel free to leave a comment for me below!

All the best, Reggie

Mr. Reginald Gilyard is the Dean of the Argyros School of Business and Economics.  He’ll be blogging regularly here on the Dean’s Corner.