Here at Chapman University, Michael Salerno embarked on a journey of self-discovery and academic exploration. Michael is set to graduate in the spring of 2024, majoring in business administration with a focus on marketing.  “Looking back on my time at Chapman, I’ve truly savored every moment,” Michael shares with appreciation. “The professors here bring together impressive academic credentials with real-world business expertise, which has really elevated my learning experience. The Chapman community has been instrumental in helping me build connections within the Southern California business world.”

Embracing Chapman: How it Started

Michael’s journey began with a coincidental encounter with Dr. Struppa during his senior year of high school, who made a persuasive presentation highlighting Chapman’s commitment to personalized education, igniting his curiosity and drawing him towards the vibrant campus.

He discovered that the faculty members at Argyros College possess a blend of academic excellence and practical business expertise. The supportive Chapman alumni community seems to have also played an influential role in his decision to choose a business major.

Reflecting on his time at Argyros College, Michael acknowledges the invaluable skills honed during his tenure. “The Argyros College has endowed me with a robust foundation in skills such as time management, leadership, problem-solving, and communication,” he shares. His favorite memory? Organizing a car show with the Chapman Car Club –  a testament to the power of networking and community-building.

Campus Involvement: Chapman Car Club

As the Co-President of the Chapman Car Club, he nurtured its growth from its inception in 2020. From its humble beginnings with just five members, they’ve now expanded to over 100 passionate enthusiasts and have organized numerous automotive events. Under his leadership, the club has orchestrated numerous automotive events, including an upcoming panel discussion titled ‘The Business of Automotive.’

Roadmaps to Success

Michael’s journey transcends academic boundaries, punctuated by a series of transformative internships. From his groundbreaking role as the youngest intern with the L.A. Rams to his recent stint at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles, his trajectory mirrors his passion for the automotive industry. “As I approach graduation in May with four years of part-time automotive industry work experience, I am actively pursuing full-time employment in the automotive sector,” Michael states.

We can’t wait to see all that Michael does!


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