As a former student in the MBA program here at Chapman University’s Argyros School of Business & Economics, I can tell you that the ability to craft my own study abroad experience was one of the highlights of my two years here at Chapman.

I encourage current and future students to take advantage of the partnership that Chapman has with Anglo-American University in Prague. Many students just assume that there are only two options to doing this, the MBA in Prague program and the International MBA program that is already formatted and structured for your convenience.

These programs are fantastic and great if you can muster up the ability to pay for the tuition on your own and are daring enough to live in Prague from seven to 17 months. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for all students. I personally could not afford either of these two options out of my own pocket, but I was able to afford taking one course over there for 1/3 of the tuition at about $1,400 (at the exchange rate in January 2015). This price cut does come at a cost however – the cost of having to be the one to figure out everything out yourself!

From what class you will be taking to where you will be living, all of it rests on your shoulders. With that said, this option is not always appealing to many students, but if you are a self starter who craves venturing to far off places you’ve never been to, this opportunity has your name written all over it!

Click here to access my student guide on how I was able to not only coordinate my own five-week study abroad experience, but rally seven other students to join me as well!

I also wrote about my time in Prague in a previous blog entry; just in case you wanted to read about how my experience was and see a few photos from my trip.

Good luck to all of you who take advantage of this and happy travels! I’ve included my contact information in the attachment so please, do not be shy about reaching out to ask me questions.