Most Schools and Universities across the country host Career or Opportunity Involvement Fairs; however, few are as enlightened as Chapman University Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics. Attending this event as a student was truly an eye opening experience. It not only provided me with a chance to network, meet individuals and companies that I was interested in, but also was a fundamental step in learning more about specific businesses and companies. The fact that it is held on campus, only adds to the benefit of this event, as it provides local opportunities to be informed about possible part-time, full-time, summer time: jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities.

As a founder of a company in residence within Launch Labs, we benefited immensely due to the student engagement, as we found out that countless students are interested in expanding their professional portfolios and careers. Their vast background and different majors give every single person a unique professional aspect. Events like this make it easier to network, recruit, and communicate with potential partners, employees, and other collaborators.

All in all, the Opportunity Fair is a perfect chance to enhance one’s professional communication skills and develop a rapport with a company or individual that you could work with or for. View more events like this in the Leatherby Center.