The Argyros School of Business and Economics has combined our Academic Advising and Career Services teams to provide enhanced academic-to-employment services for Argyros School students. Both teams will be cross-trained on career preparation, resume building and advising on course decisions. Electives will be recommended through the lens of career objectives. Argyros students will be encouraged to make decisions with the ultimate focus on gaining applicable experiences and internships during their undergrad and graduate studies. This shift will enhance our ultimate goal of helping all Argyros School students achieve full-time careers upon graduation.

The combined Academic and Career Advising teams will be led by Stacey Moynahan who has been appointed as the new Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Career Services. A number of Career Services and Argyros Advising staff have moved offices to accommodate the integration. Advisors Eva (Hinojoza) Valencia and Jenna Tarin have moved into suite 305, and Stacey Moynahan and Joel Pearson are now just down the hallway in 303S and 303R, respectively. For all up-to-date office locations please reference the Digital Directories in Beckman Hall.

The Argyros School is pleased to announce improved services for students, and congratulates Stacey Moynahan on her expanded role. Please come and visit us soon!