The Argyros School of Business and Economics Faculty create research on topics impacting businesses big and small around the globe. These books, studies, articles and papers are consistently found in the leading business journals and publications. We are extremely proud of the contributions. We had 93 papers published or accepted in the academic year 2017 – 2018. Since June 1, 2019, we’ve had 11 publications. Check back each month for an updated list.

Summer 2019

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Barbieri, Stefano, Daniel Kovenock, David Malueg and Iryna Topolyan. Forthcoming. “Group Contests with Private Information and the ‘Weakest Link,’” Games and Economic Behavior
  2. Danaher, Brett and Jonathan Hersh. Forthcoming. “The Effect of Piracy Website Blocking on Consumer Behavior,” MIS Quarterly
  3. Gelder, Alan, Daniel Kovenock and Brian Roberson. 2019. “All-Pay Auctions with Ties,” Economic Theory, 1-49
  4. Hampton, Kyle. Forthcoming. “ A Free Double Auction Internet Classroom Experiment That Runs on Any Student Device,” Journal of Economic Education
  5. Kovenock, Daniel, Brian Roberson and Roman Sheremeta. 2019. “The Attack and Defense of Weakest-Link Networks,” Public Choice 179(4), 175-194
  6. Kovenock, Daniel and David Rojo-Arjona. 2019. “A Full Characterization of Best-Response Functions in the Lottery Colonel Blotto Game,” Economics Letters 182, 33-36
  7. Smith, Mackenzie, Kelly Leverett, Bart Wilson and Sarah Brosnan. 2019. “Capuchin Monkeys (Sapajus [Cebus] paella) Play Nash Equilibria, but their Decisions are not Likely Influenced by Oxytocin,” American Journal of Primatology, 81(4), 1 – 16
  8. Zia, Mohammad, and Ram Rao. Forthcoming. “Serach Advertising: Budget Allocation Across Search Engines,” Marketing Science

Book Chapters

  1. Carvalho, Jean-Paul, Sriya Iyer and Jared Rubin. 2019. “Introduction,” in Carvalho, Jean-Paul, Sriya Iyer and Jared Rubin (eds.) Advances in the Economics of Religion. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 1-21.

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