Violeta Vega is a third-year Business Administration student with a Management concentration who was recently recruited for the coveted Target Executive Store Intern. This internship promotes leadership through extensive training and helps participants grow as a strong executive team leader. Violeta will have the unique opportunity to learn and expand her leadership and collaboration skills while engaging with like-minded professionals from various levels at Target. She stated, “I know that this summer internship will challenge my leadership ability, my technical skills, and overall provide me with a well-rounded experience of what it’s like to work for a Fortune 500 company.”

Violeta worked diligently with Argyros School Career Services. She shared, “I attended the career fair in spring as a way to expose myself directly to employers. But before that, I did some prepping; previous to the spring career fair, I spoke to career counselors and asked for tips on how to go about my time there.”

It is also important to note that Violeta was able to secure this internship under the Covid-19 crisis. Her advice to her peers is “to really research the company you plan on applying to. This will ensure that you find a company you would be happy to work for. Finding the connection between their mission/values to yours will make the entire process so much more genuine and the employer will sense your passion for their company.”

Congratulations, Violeta!