Alan Golombek headshotName: Alan Golombek

Position: Human Resources Business Partner

Company: Fullscreen

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Advice to students on how to adjust their job search in the time of COVID-19? 

Now more than ever, students have the opportunity to see which companies are prepared for the future. Even prior to COVID, those who offered flexible and remote working hours were often ahead in regards to innovation and culture. Try taking advantage of the fact that for the time being, distance is no longer a factor in deciding where to work. Widen your search parameters and take more chances than you would have before. And, as always, try to create a personal connection with someone in the company who can help get your profile noticed by hiring managers.

How has your recruitment model adjusted to this unprecedented time ?  

We are now accepting students from a wider range of universities and applicants are able to apply for positions in both our New York and Los Angeles offices, regardless of their current address. With the normalization of video conferencing across our organization, interviewing candidates to create a personal connection with them has been widely instituted, and we’re able to more accurately gauge interest and value to our company.

What excites you about your company/industry? 

In a time when other industries are struggling to operate as they have historically, Fullscreen’s status quo continues to be constant innovation. We meet our clients and consumers where they currently are, adapting to market needs and filling the huge demand for content that we’re currently experiencing. We continue to listen and learn from the way in which people choose to consume media, and we’re able to successfully use data & strategy to shape the future of the industry. Being a part of the Warner Media family, we’re now able to reach more people with our services and we look forward to all the increased capabilities and opportunities that come with being a part of the best media company out there. Also, HBO MAX is being released very soon, and I cannot wait to go through the vast catalogue that will be available to us through that platform!