Nicole Wright


Nicole Wright, University Recruiting at Gusto

Advice to students on how to adjust their job search in the time of COVID-19?

What’s really important is to be intentional with your search. Look for companies that you connect with (product, mission, values, etc.) and see how those companies are responding in times of crisis. That would give you a great insight into the leadership team and culture of the company. It also doesn’t hurt to try and connect with a recruiter or someone in that role that you aspire to eventually be in from the companies you are interested in! You might realize that these companies don’t currently have any open roles that match your background and skills, but creating a meaningful connection with a potential mentor could be life changing!

How has your recruitment model adjusted to this unprecedented time ? 

While our main priority is to focus on optimizing the talents and strengths of our existing teams, we will continue to hire for business critical roles. Internal mobility will be a key tool for us during this time, to be able to quickly shift into areas of need, and to ensure our employees continue to learn and grow.

What excites you about your company? 

I am truly inspired by everyone I work with at Gusto. Seeing how everyone genuinely cares about our customers and each other, especially during a time of crisis, is remarkable. I witness my co-workers giving 100% in everything they do and they show up with empathy. I feel inspired every day and believe that together we will make a positive, lasting impact on the future of small businesses.