Name: Kendall Stein

Company: Mother’s Market and Kitchen

Position: Content/Social Media Manager

Industry: Supermarkets

Degrees: B.S. Business Administration (emphasis in Marketing and minor in Public Relations) ’18; MBA ’19

What excites you about this company/job? 

I’m excited to be working for a company that is truly a lifestyle brand. People do not just shop at Mother’s for the natural and organic food offerings, but also for the lifestyle that the offerings support. In addition, I’m passionate about using social media to promote brands and have been a fan of Mother’s Market for years!

How did you strategize landing this job? 

For this job and every job that I land an interview for in the social media/digital marketing space, there are two key things that I do. First, I always have a portfolio of projects I have worked on at internships/jobs. This is really important for marketing and social media jobs because it gives companies a taste of your capabilities. Second, I always prepare a couple of recommendations and explanations for why I am making such recommendations. During the interview I touch on these without giving away too much. This helps them get a better idea of my thought process and how it would be to work with me.

What career advice do you have for anyone looking for an internship/job in this market?

While I landed my job based on my experience, not a connection, taking advantage of connections is critical. When looking for a job or internship, tell EVERY person you know that you’re looking for a job or internship, regardless of whether that person is in the industry that you want to be in and regardless of how well you know them. Specify what type of job you’re looking for and give them some examples of the types of companies you aspire to work for. You never know who those people know! I’ve had people refer me for positions when I had not known them that long and when they work in a completely different industry. It’s so much easier to land a role when you have a connection!