Name, position and company: Dan Reilly, Co-Founder & EVP, B2X Global

What advice do you have for students on how to adjust their job search in the time of COVID 19?

Be patient and recognize that some industries are growing while others are contracting. Now is a time to focus on learning and becoming a more valuable professional, rather than demanding on a specific role, company or industry. Change your definition of success and look to where the action is happening right now. Our economy will recover and with it, open up more options for young professionals.

How has your recruitment model adjusted to this unprecedented time?

Dramatically. We had to freeze hiring for a period in March/April until stay-at-home orders subsided. Now that we’re hiring again, the process is different – virtual calls instead of face-to-face meetings for example. Additionally, we now rely on first-party referrals and candidate references more than ever.

What excites you about your company/industry?

It’s a very important time for our business. After 7 years of steady double-digit growth, we have earned an exclusive contract with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and with it, an opportunity to expand our services quickly. Our industry, information technology, is one of a few continuing to accelerate in the current economic climate. Business and governments are looking to IT solutions to solve new challenges brought on by the pandemic and social changes. Our company provides the building blocks of those solutions and solves common problems in the supply chain to help customers successfully deploy these solutions.