Name: Hayley Allen & Dana Lujack
Company & Position: Green Street – Human Resources

What advice do you have for students on how to adjust their job search in the time of COVID 19?

With more candidates on the job market than usual, it is important to stand out amongst the crowd of applicants. Stay on top of job postings and submit your application quickly when you come across relevant openings. Utilize LinkedIn to build your network and connect with employers and employees from companies that interest you. Always tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific job description. Once you get the interview, make sure you understand the company, research the people you will be speaking with and come prepared with thoughtful questions.

How has your recruitment model adjusted to this unprecedented time?

Our recruitment process has transitioned to be completely virtual including Zoom interviews, electronic paperwork, and virtual onboarding. We have shortened the length of our final interviews as we have found that long Zoom interviews can be tiresome. By streamlining our process over the past few months, we have been able to move quickly to get new hires in the door.

What excites you about your company/industry?  

Fortunately for Green Street, our clients need our expertise now more than ever. Our actionable commercial real estate research, news, data, analytics, and advisory services have proven to be valuable to our clients during these volatile times. Additionally, our collaborative work environment provides team members with opportunities to develop professionally and play a central role from day one. Green Street continues to grow at an accelerated pace and it is exciting to see new opportunities throughout the firm.