Hi, I’m Amy Rabun! I’m a senior business administration major with a marketing emphasis and a minor in public relations. Like most of us, I struggled to find a summer internship but finally landed an amazing internship with Prisme. I’m a digital marketing and video production intern and am now in my second internship term with the company.

Prisme is a startup computer software company that is seeking to humanize the job market with its new game its created for the hiring process. As someone who wants to work in the sports and/or entertainment industry in the future, this wasn’t my first pick but it’s been an amazing match for what I need right now. My boss, Van Trinh, focuses on letting us pick tasks that we want to learn and how we can apply those tasks to helping the company. She’s adamant about helping us as much as we help Prisme. 

I found this position through Handshake. Van did not see my application at first, but she was able to see my contact information and got in touch with me from there. Some advice I would give is to be flexible and step out of your sole preferred industry and also follow up. For all you know they never received your application. Also just believe in yourself. You will eventually find the right company that will offer you a position.