Adreanna PhamHi there! My name is Adreanna Pham and I am currently studying Economics and Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and a minor in Music Technology. This fall I began a marketing internship at ourCommonplace, a one stop shop for fashion forward, conscious consumers.

I am constantly looking for opportunities that intersect my business and econ skills with my passion for sustainability; opportunities that allow me to work towards something more than myself. ourCommonplace offers me exactly this experience. My work consists of sourcing and vetting sustainable or ethical brands and influencers, conducting outreach, creating and analyzing social media metrics, and making sustainable living an accessible concept to all. 

Chapman’s Argyros School Career and Advising Center advising team provided me with the support and advice I needed to secure this internship. After generating a list of positions that interested me via Handshake, I began drafting my resumes and cover letters and applying to positions everyday. As most of us applying to internships know, it is not uncommon to go for weeks without hearing a response. After about a month of no success, I contacted Tuanni Vasconcelos in the Argyros School Career Services office and she elevated my resume, helped me prep for interviews, and overall left me prepared and competent. With this support and renewed confidence I applied to ourCommonplace and landed the position.

Applying to jobs and internships can often be disheartening, but it is so important to simply continue applying to positions that excite you, continue refining your strategies and skills, and to reach out for advice when you need it.