Amberly WangMy name is Amberly Wang and I graduated in May 2020 with a Business Administration (Marketing) degree and a minor in Psychology. I have accepted an offer as an Assistant Brand Strategist at Horizon Media. I’m excited to collaborate with so many smart and creative people, work in a fast-paced agency environment, and learn more about the entertainment industry through the lens of marketing. I also enjoy fueling my curiosity for consumer behavior when researching viewership trends and extracting interesting insights from it!

My strategy to land this job was being active on LinkedIn, attending Chapman’s career events, creating my own projects while in quarantine, and reaching out for help. I often scheduled appointments with the Argyros School Career Center to practice interviewing, have my resume and LinkedIn reviewed, and to chat about how to best achieve my career goals. For this job in particular, I kept in touch with Chapman alumni and Horizon’s recruiter after they hosted a virtual info session with Chapman. 

My advice to anyone looking for a job in this market is to redefine networking. Many people treat networking as purely a ticket to getting an interview, and this intention can only get you so far. Though asking questions about the company and their experience is valuable, I challenge you to go deeper. Beyond their role, they have hobbies, perspectives, and personal stories to share. When you treat networking as a way to build friendships, you’ll find that more people are willing to help long term. As I was job searching, I often wondered how to stand out from the immense competition, especially in the marketing/advertising industry. This is it! Do your research, ask memorable questions, and just be human.