Company: Consolidated Analytics, Inc.

Name and Position: Dana Gross, SVP, Human Resources

What differentiates Consolidated Analytics in the market? 

We are a rapidly growing company who invests in up-and-coming talent. We pride ourselves in having the unique opportunity to hire recent graduates and train them through our senior management teams. Recent graduates will learn new skills, have the ability to learn alongside the C-Suite, and make a competitive salary. We have generous time off and wellness benefits too!

What excites you about your company and industry?

We make a difference in borrower lives. Our products and services offered to the nation’s top lenders expedite the home lending process. Our industry is based on the markets, and there is never a dull moment. We are an innovative company who taps into the latest technology and practices.  

What advice can you give to students on how to stand out in the Consolidated Analytics application process?

Great relationship building skills, the desire to learn, and the humility to understand they need to work hard for the fruits of their labor to pay off. Research the company and have a basic understanding of who they are and what their employee brand means to them.

What kinds of people seem to be successful at Consolidated Analytics?

People who are responsive, ask questions, and seek to better their skills. Our teams are highly motivated and hold close professional relationships. Someone who is self-motivated and fun to work with. Communication, both written and verbal, are important success factors in the role.