Name: Dang Hua

Position: Senior Recruiter Team Lead

Company: HireRight

What differentiates HireRight in the market?

We are a dynamic, fast-paced and high-growth product-based global organization. We have an amazing world-class team ranging from Product to HR and Accounting. Our background screening products are utilized by over 20% of the Fortune 500 companies (and counting)!

What excites you about your company/industry?

Our company is continually evolving and growing so every day poses new challenges. It takes a collective effort to overcome those challenges and the people here are really motivated, talented, and driven.

What is your advice to students on standing out in the HireRight application process?

Besides technical prowess and relevant experience, the best way for a student to stand out is the ability to convey their ability to go above and beyond and to be comfortable operating outside their comfort zone. Most roles will require you to wear multiple hats and work across different departments so being able to multi-task and effectively communicate is key.

What types of people seem to be successful at HireRight?

The folks who excel at HireRight typically exhibit our CORE4 Values:

  • Service-First Mindset
  • Grounded in Respect
  • Collaborative Spirit
  • Sense of Ownership